Student Recordings

Each year, students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade will be recorded three times. The first time each year, they will sing the same short call and response “Hello, Teacher” on the same pitches. This way, they can hear how their VOICE has changed over the years. The next 2 times each year, they will sing a short folk song learned in class that year. Recordings will be saved all the way through 5th grade, at which time students can request a CD of (up to) all 18 recordings made throughout their stay at Sedalia if they bring in a blank CD. Students who move to another elementary school before the end of 5th grade can always access their song files on this website.

Recordings will also be posted online here. In order to protect students’ recordings from being indexed by search engines, the directory is password protected. Please use the following (in all caps):

Username: SEDALIA
Password: the word from first paragraph that is in all caps

Simply look your student up by grade, then all of their files are lastnamefirstname_song.mp3.

Not all students will be recorded in the same day. It can take several weeks before all students in each grade are recorded singing. This is a fantastic means of pitch matching assessment as well as getting shy students to be excited about using their singing voice!

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Welcome to the new Sedalia Music Website!

This is a place where you can find vital information about the music program such as concert dates, recorders (4th grade), and piano lessons.

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there is also a contact page you can use to email me at any time.

Thanks for your interest in your child’s music education!

-Mr. Neumeier

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